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Improve your English Speaking skills online
with a qualified native British teacher

Many adult learners can master the most complex aspects of English grammar but find it really difficult to have a conversation with native (or even non-native) speakers of English. In reality, the only way to develop fluency is by doing a regular speaking practice and large amount of listening. In fact, that’s what most English as a Second Language experts agree on – that exposure to hearing English spoken by a native speaker is crucial to developing English Conversation skills.

In our online English classes, native English teachers focus on encouraging you use the vocabulary you already know and may have forgotten, as well as on teaching you new vocabulary and expressions, and correcting your grammar. By listening to a native English speaker, you will naturally follow their pronunciation and intonation and will quickly stop translating in your head and start speaking English with fluency.


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with tailor-made Study Plan, Progress Reports, Evaluation Tests and Course Completion Certificate

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Online conversational English classes for children

with tailor-made Study Plan, Progress Reports, Evaluation Tests and Course Completion Certificate

When we ask parents about their concerns regarding their children’s level of English, ‘speaking English with confidence’ is always at the top of their list. Of course, they would also like their child to read and understand well,  have a wide range of vocabulary and a good knowledge of English grammar, but the priority is always to hear their child speak in English with confidence and enjoyment. However, as anyone who ever tried to learn a foreign language knows, speaking with confidence and enjoyment can be really hard, especially if you’re shy, as most children usually are in unfamiliar situations.

Our qualified online British teachers are trained and very experienced in teaching children from the age of three years old. In their online English classes, they will put your child at ease and engage them in conversations using a variety of fun and interesting materials.

Our methods are proven and effective and you will be surprised to hear your child speaking English with confidence in no time!

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Why learn English online with a native teacher?

Since English is one of the most widely spoken languages, the ability to speak English allows people to be anywhere in the world and have no problems communicating. Knowing that you can manage to have a conversation in English is such a boost to your confidence, and you will want to keep improving until you know you can express yourself freely, and as if you were speaking in your native language. Direct communication with a native speaker is the best motivator for any learner, and our online native English teachers are there for you, introducing the language you need to speak with greater fluency. Whichever English course you choose, you will cover all aspects of Grammar, and also work on your Vocabulary. Regular Conversational English lessons and role-plays will help you gain confidence in speaking English in a variety of different situations.  


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