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If you’re looking to drive your career and achieve something you’ve always dreamed of, we’re here to help you make it possible.

Whether  you want to continue your education in an English speaking country, improve your career prospects, or get a new job where it is important to speak good English, – then, you’ll more likely be taking one of the internationally recognised exams to prove your English language proficiency, with the most popular being the IELTS.

IELTS is the world’s most popular English language test for higher education, work and global migration. The scores are accepted by over 9,000 organisations worldwide, including universities, employers, immigration authorities and professional bodies. It’s designed by experts to fairly assess the language ability of candidates who want to study or work where English is the language of communication.

IELTS measures your Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking skills, and assesses your ability to communicate for work, study or life in an English-speaking country.

IELTS is a tricky exam, and most learners find the Speaking and Writing parts particularly hard. The good news is that we can definitely help you get the best possible grades! Our online English teachers are CELTA qualified, and some are Cambridge/IELTS examiners.  Enrol for our IELTS Preparation course and learn how the exams work, what the examiners will be looking for, and get plenty of practice using the types of questions you see in the exam.

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If you’ve been working hard preparing for the IELTS exam and would like to have a comprehensive assessment of your progress and your overall English level before taking it, you can take our IELTS Practice Test.

IELTS Practice Tests are based on Cambridge IELTS English Assessment practice tests and cover all four skills/papers: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. You can take the General or Academic versions, depending on which IELTS exam you are preparing for.


Our IELTS Practice Test involves completing Listening, Writing and Reading parts in your own time as homework, and a 25 minutes live online session with a native English teacher/IELTS expert and another student, for the Speaking part. 

Once we have received all of your papers and you have completed the Speaking part as well, we will send you the final grade which is an average of the marks in each paper.