Discovery Call: assess your English level online with a British teacher

– With a written Report, tailor-made Study Plan and level assessment in line with CEFR The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages


A Discovery Call (50min) is an engaging online English class with a qualified British teacher where you can share your specific goals and discuss the best way to achieve them, in the format and within the time scale and budget that works for you.

First part of the Discovery Call is conversational. Your teacher will ask you a series of questions about you, your interests, your past experiences and your plans for the future – anything you’re happy to share. You can, of course, ask any questions of your own as well. Your teacher is there to explain our courses in more detail, address your fears and doubts and help you feel more confident in your ability to improve your General or Business English, or pass that Exam with a desired score!

Based on your conversation skills demonstrated during the initial introduction, your teacher will have a clear understanding of your English level.

You will then move on to the second part of the Discovery Call, that is usually tailor-made to the specific requirements you mentioned in your Booking Form. Your teacher will share their screen with you and you will be introduced to the relevant lesson materials covering vocabulary building and Advanced grammar exercises, role plays and any other appropriate to your age and level materials.

If you plan on taking one of Cambridge exams or IELTS, the Discovery Call will be delivered by our Exam preparation expert teacher, who will explain all you need to know in order to maximise your score, and give you top tips for achieving a high band in each section of the exam. During your class you will have the opportunity to ask the teacher any questions you may have on the right techniques and strategies required. By the end of your class you will be able to see how practising with a native teacher can help you be successful and confident in your exam. 

Discovery Call includes a written Report that is emailed to you within 24hours of your class, with your level assessment, suggested study materials and your teacher’s comments and recommendations for future improvement.





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What to expect:

Discovery Calls are adopted to learner’s age and level. A typical Discovery Call for an adult learner covers the following:

Introduction: talk about yourself, your hobbies and interests
Get to know your teacher, their background and experience
Talk about what you’d like to achieve, your learning needs and deadlines
Discuss lesson formats and learning materials
Bite size lesson based on study material appropriate to your level e.g. Speaking exercises and Role Plays with on-the-spot corrections, Grammar exercises, Pronunciation exercises etc

If you’re preparing for an English exam, your teacher will explain in more detail what’s expected of you, and share some past papers as well.

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