Online lessons “English for Fashion”

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Online lessons “English for Fashion” with a qualified British teacher 

This live online English for Fashion course has been developed specifically for people interested or already working in the fashion industry, and who need to use English to communicate with colleagues. Our online English teachers will equip you with the language skills and vocabulary necessary to deal with various situations in a fashion context.


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Online lessons “English for Fashion”: course outcomes

By the end of the course you will be able to:

– Communicate confidently with other fashion and retail professionals
– Understand language connected with different jobs in the industry from pattern cutter to stylist
– Describe and follow the development of a garment from design through to promotion and retail
– Use persuasive writing for work in the global fashion industry


Online lessons “English for Fashion”: course sample syllabus

– Introduction to fashion: Working in fashion, Garments and garment parts, Colours. Language: Describing job roles, Spell–ing verbs, Talking about current projects
– History of fashion: Milestones in fashion, Trends, Illusion technique. Language: Present and Past simple, Talking about illustration techniques
– Textiles: Types of fabric, Fabric processing, Fabric care instructions. Language: Explaining as process, The passive, Requests and responses
– Garment construction: Pattern equipment, Pattern pieces, Measurements and specifications. Language: Talking about specifications, Fitting phrases, Adjusting measurements
– Production: Production problems, Packaging methods. Language: Explaining causes and effects, Reporting information, Describing packaging
– Promotion: Promotional channels, Branding, Marketing campaigns, Writing press releases. Language: Promotional verbs, Explaining objectives and priorities, Making suggestions/ Responding to suggestions
– Events: Planning, Job roles and responsibilities, Fashion writing. Language: Talking about delegation, Discussing problems and apologies, Describing fashion
– Retail: Merchandising, Displays, Negotiating. Language: Asking for and offering help, Making, accepting and rejecting conditions


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