Online lessons “English for Finance and Banking”

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Online lessons “English for Finance and Banking” with a qualified British teacher

Our online lessons “English for Banking and Finance” are for those who require a comprehensive knowledge of the vocabulary of international banking and the world of finance. This intensive course has been designed by our online English teachers designed to help you make rapid progress in the specialised area of banking terminology and combines industry related topics, role-plays and a variety of engaging exercises.


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Online lessons “English for Finance and Banking”: course outcomes

By the end of the course you will be able to:

– Read and create efficient e-mails, reports, and impactful presentations with most commonly used vocabulary in Banking and Finance
– Give successful presentations
– Manage and participate in meetings and negotiations
– Use language effectively and persuasively
– Deal with difficult situations
– Be aware of intercultural aspects of communication
– Consolidate and further develop English language knowledge


Online lessons “English for Finance and Banking”: sample syllabus

– Industry insight and industry related vocabulary
– Personal finance
– Banking products and services
– Jobs in banking
– Daily routines: common activities at work
– Bank transactions
– Investments
– The economy
– Common business related idioms
– Body language and gestures
– Intercultural communication

Your course can also cover the following topics:

Central Banking, Segments of an organisation, Types of accounts, Foreign currency, Products and services, Interest rates, Lending and borrowing, Customer Care, Personal Banking, Corporate Banking, Retail Banking, Investment Banks, Online Banking, Security issues and breaches, The changing world of Banking, Company Performance, Relevance of Data, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, Preparing Financial Systems, Accounting Systems, Cash Flow, The Balance sheet, Asset Management, Derivatives, Auditing, Ethics, Fraud, Insurance, Loans, credit lines and leasing, Personal loans and overdrafts, The Income statement, The cash-flow statement, Cash-Flow Forecast, Bank Performance, Writing Reports, Business Correspondence, Foreign Exchange, Trade Finance, Financial News and Trends, Taking care of corporate clients, Company restructuring and loan modification, Bankruptcy, National and Central Banks, Liquidity and the Business Cycle, Mergers and Acquisitions, Regulations, Economic changes



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