Online lessons “English for Pharmacy” 

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Online lessons “English for Pharmacy” with a qualified British teacher

Online lessons “English for Pharmacy”with a qualified British teacher will focus on developing the skills needed to communicate clearly and effectively in the Pharmacy practice setting, including authentic Medical and Pharmacy vocabulary, pronunciation, listening comprehension, pharmacist-patient role-plays, idiomatic language and Pharmacy writing.


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Online lessons “English for Pharmacy”: course outcomes

By the end of this course you will be able to:

– Use the language needed in the context of drug discovery and drug development
– Define in English the challenges, risk and cost of innovation within the industry
– Use the language needed to discuss good pharmaceutical practice including quality assurance controls, regulatory documentation and audit mechanisms
– Use the language to discuss issues around running a Pharmacy
– Use the language needed in order to discuss dosage and side effects
– Use the language needed for advice and recommendations on medication


Online lessons “English for Pharmacy”: sample syllabus

– Job profiles
– Professions and departments
– New drug development and launches
– Cultural differences in marketing drugs and medicine
– Providing information
– Introducing oneself, one’s field, and projects
– Summarising action points
– Writing job ads

Substance discovery and product development:
– A new chemical entity
– Drug dosage forms
– Categories of drugs
– Asking about drug discovery and drug development
– Taking about time periods
– Asking for and giving opinions

Quality assurance and auditing:
– Good pharmaceutical industry practice
– Quality assurance audits, Laboratory safety systems
– Standard operating procedures
– Informing
– Asking questions during an audit
– Suggesting corrective action

Ready for testing in live organisms:
– Preclinical testing
– Clinical testing
– Dealing with authorities
– Experimental drugs on trial
Language: Describing a process
– Getting information
– Making suggestions
– Linking ideas
– Requesting information and responding directly

Drug safety and regulatory affairs:
– Pharmacovigilance
– Regulatory documentation
– Patient information
– Counterfeit medicines
– Reporting severe adverse events
– Asking about implications for a drug
– Giving general advice
– Giving strong warnings

Production and packaging:
– Safety requirements
– Production processes
– Packaging challenges
– Expressing moments in time
– Giving instructions
– Describing a process
– Giving presentations


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